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Why Safe Campus

Need of the hour.

We offer students the foundation for productive, successful and fearless lives. Violence against children in any form constitutes a violation of the basic rights of children. During childhood, young people deserve unconditional love from their parents, as well as all the necessities for proper physical, mental, & social development. One of the most important things to teach children is safety skills.
We have the ability to positively impact each students mind and they are prepared for life. Its something were committed to doing today, tomorrow, together.

Learning safety skills is important because:

  • It reduces the chance of exploitation
  • It reduces the possibility of injury
  • It reduces the likelihood that minor injuries will become more of a problem
  • It allows the child/teen to be more independent and self-sufficient
  • It empowers children and teens
  • It puts parents and guardians minds at ease

student benefits.

As important as your child's school curricular is, so is personal safety. These skills are often called life lessons, and it is important to prepare the children before they step out into the world and become independent.

Our programs train the students for:

  • Understanding physical and emotional safety
  • Taking care to avoid danger, risk or harm
  • Exhibiting self-protection
  • Being cautious and careful
  • Handling emergencies appropriately
  • Avoiding unhealthy attachments such as gangs or bullying
  • Avoiding situations that might put one at risk such as using weapons or walking alone at night
  • Practicing safe driving skills (if a driver) and avoid riding with unsafe drivers
  • Practicing refusal skills

school benfits.

  • Able to Identify comfort levels and methods for reporting safety concerns
  • We help you with policies and procedures on security, safety and emergency alertness
  • Developing a “living” school safety team, safety plan and ongoing process, as well as a school crisis team and school emergency/crisis preparedness guidelines
  • School employees, including support personnel, also recieve training on school security and crisis alertness issues


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