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Our programs are designed after our thorough analysis of emergency and crisis tactics, board policies and administrative measures related to security, safety training, and drills for staff and students. Our robust programs are based on hands-on experience in schools and extensive job expertise.

Safety And Security Audits

We at Safe Campus comprehend the need to look beyond the basic school security perspectives and our effortless and manageable approaches to implement programs prevent tragedies. Often there is hype on security hardware and technologies without attending to the human behaviours of students and staff that often have an significant role to play in overall security outlook. We have helped the schools in evaluating, most of the most essential programs for furtherance that involves a combination of security and emergency preparedness hardware combined with improvements in practices of students and staff that we see when conducting school security audits.

Gender Inclusivity

Creating schools that nurture academic achievement, providing physical and emotional safety to all the students are common goals for all educators. We at Safe Campus assists the schools to promote gender-expansive environments that asserts all children by bringing down gender role stereotyping and permitting them to express their interests and find conviction in their strengths. We work closely with schools and educate staff to understand the complexities of gender as well as specific methods to stop gender based harassment, bullying and hurtful teasing. Our relational approaches reinforce the school’s commitment to gender inclusion.

Cyber Safety And Security

We at Safe Campus empower students to concentrate on knowledge and skills affiliated to the susceptibilities, threats, protections, investigations, analysis and legalities associated with technology systems.
Being online open us to cyber criminals and others who execute identity theft, fraud, and harassment. Every time we connect to the Internet- at home, at school, at work, or on our mobile devices- we make decisions that influence and attack our cyber security. Surfacing cyber threats demands engagement from the whole community to fabricate a safer cyber environment- from government and law enforcement to the private sector and, most importantly, members of the public.

Physical Safety And Security

We at Safe Campus develop plans, deploy systems, and train the students and school staff on how to prevent, deter, detect, and respond to safety incidents. Incidents ranging from staff and student violence to community violence, including bullying, vandalism and bomb threats, to natural disasters can push your plans and systems to the limit.
We combines technologies and intelligence to deliver a comprehensive communication, notification, and safety and security solution to help educators, parents and students feel safe and secure so that they can focus on education and respond effectively in emergencies.Our physical safety and security solutions provide excellent scalability, reliability, and availability.

Transport Safety And Security

Safe Campus work closely with schools to make certain they have safe, quality and potent and functional student transportation systems in place.Our approach permit us to make a permanent and positive impact in the campuses we serve.Our unparalleled support in the areas of human resources, safety and security, maintenance, logistics and vehicles, with a focus always on enhancing the services on the campus.

Travel Safety

Safety is a core value and a way of life for Safe Campus. Safety has always been at the heart of everything we do. Our most important job is to make sure your students can travel safely no matter where they go.We at Safe Campus train you to maintain a high degree of security, productivity and flexibility while on the road, anywhere your work or other interests take you. our proven system of background checks, training and ongoing evaluations ensure yours wellbeing.

Situational Handling And Crisis Management

Situational awareness is a plain concept, yet it’s over complicated. Principally, situational awareness refers to real-time information about what’s happening in and around a given campus. Envisaging the foundations of situational awareness can help you better implement your emergency plans. Safe Campus offers a wide-range of training and scenario programs onon situational awareness that improves security and public safety. We help you with how triggering events can be harnessed to drive awareness transactions- aka alerts- with specific details about an unfolding situation and how to address it. We give your campus successful emergency communications and response management.

Engage us with a program that suits your requirement.